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The winds of change

Once upon a time, there were two gals with a dream. Today the story continues…

Left Gina Pantastico and Michelle Engel in 2009 for Martha Stewart Living Magazine

As the story goes, back in the early spring of 2009, two long time friends and colleagues sat at a kitchen table brainstorming over bagels; when breakfast was over, Cloud9 Fabrics had been born.  

A lot of you are familiar with our tale. A lot of you know us personally. You’ve either been there from Day 1 or you’ve found us since. We could not  have built this business without your encouragement and support all along the way. 

Today we share that our journey is taking a new path. We have partnered with Ocean State Innovations (OSI) and P&B Textiles with as much enthusiasm as we had on that propitious first morning in 2009. We love a good opportunity, and when such a one as this presented itself, we knew in our hearts and minds, that we had to seize it. 

As many of you know, owning a small business can be challenging. In particular, infrastructure and financial challenges often have greater impacts than on larger firms. Becoming part of the OSI family will provide Cloud9 Fabrics and our sister brand, Felicity Fabrics, a fostering, established and reliable foundation that will help our brands flourish and will bring about long term stability for our employees, product and our customers.  

We want to ensure you that we at Cloud9 will remain committed to the use of organic cotton and continue offering beautiful prints and the exceptional quality and customer service you’ve come to expect. This will not change. Michelle and Gina, and the rest of our women-strong team, will continue to be the driving force of Cloud9 Fabrics and Felicity Fabrics and look forward to a bright future with our new fabric family. 

With our thanks and gratitude,
Michelle and Gina

More of what you love from us coming your way!


3 thoughts on “News from your friends at Cloud9 Fabrics

  1. Congratulations, Michelle and Gina, on your new partnership with OSI and P&B Textiles! It’s heartwarming to see your journey from a kitchen table brainstorm to this exciting chapter. Your commitment to organic cotton and quality is commendable, and we look forward to your continued success. Best wishes from your supporters!

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