Designer Profile: Meenal Patel

Meenal Patel Moments of childhood wonder, details in nature, and the strength of community inspire her. Her art is rooted in reflections on the power of feeling seen and the journey to feel at home with all facets of ourselves. She loves to mentally collect textures on leaves and petals, which she transforms into graphic patterns throughout her art.

Making art is a place for her to feel fully. It’s the moment when she can look inward, untangle my experiences, sometimes find joy, and then push that feeling outward in the form of making something. She hopes the experiences and joy that she infuses in her art will result in connection, belonging, and delight for someone else.

Outside of the studio she loves reading cookbooks, painting with her nieces, baking birthday cakes, and hiking in the beautiful outdoor spaces of California with her husband and dog.

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