Designer Profile: Maria Galybina

Maria Galybina is a professional designer, with a passion for traveling (wandering soul), currently located in Lithuania.

Maria has been always keen to drawing from her childhood and then went to the School of Arts, Design Studio, and graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design from university.

As a child she always dreamed of the endless things around her – about an endless pack of chips, an endless cartoon, an endless game with her beloved friend, an endless interesting book and endless felt-tip pens. That is why she creates endless patterns.

Orangeries and greenhouses are Maria’s main inspiration. They are the main point to visit on her every journey. She goes to flower shops and buys different flowers there, which become heroes of her new patterns.

Maria has a muse like many artists do – her cat named Cat. He loves to sleep next to her workplace, follow the process and drink water from a watercolor glass.

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