Up, Up & Away | Soaring High Quilt

Another treat from Maureen Cracknell – The Soaring High Quilt featuring Skinny LaMinx’s Up, Up & Away, blends modern and tradition with her take on the Flying Geese block.

Soaring High Quilt

Up, Up & Away‘s beautifully bright and earthy colors form a copacetic pairing accentuated by the brilliant autumnal sky and a lofty breeze.

View the free downloadable PDF.

Soaring High QuiltSoaring High Quilt

8 thoughts on “Up, Up & Away | Soaring High Quilt

  1. I really enjoyed this pattern and instructions.. BUT it needs to be noted that the fabric color code is backwards! the “white” and “dark” color code is flipped. I now have all my geese in my “background” color instead of what I originally planned. A bummer indeed.. but still a cute quilt.

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