Tutorial | Laminated Cotton Shower Cap

Here’s a quick and easy project and one perfect for our water-resistant laminates.


Sewing with our laminates is very similar to sewing with cotton. With a few small tips you can construct any items you would with other fabrics.

  • Using a resin foot attachment to your sewing machine or a similar type of foot that might be suggested by the maker of your sewing machine is essential or top stitching.
  • Use a test swatch of the fabrics (wrong sides together as in this pattern)
  • Adjust tension & stitch size (longer stitches work well for top stitching)
  • Guiding the fabrics from behind and the front of the foot will keep your pieces from moving


Laminate Shower Cap by Catherine Zebrowski


  • Outer fabric (in laminate) -23” square
  • Inner fabric (in cotton or similar) – 23” square
  • Binding – at least 68” long bias binding. We made double fold 1/2” wide bias binding using lining fabric.  It is not recommended to do the binding in the laminate.
  • 1/4″ wide elastic at least as long as the measurement around your head + 2 inches.
  1. Draw a circle 20” in diameter on the face of the laminate in the center of the square. You can use a permanent marker – this will be a cut line later and the edge will be covered by the binding later.
  2. Place the squares wrong sides together and pin through both around the entire permitter of the square but important: be sure not to go inside of the 20″ circle,  Pin holes cannot be ironed out of the laminate..
  3. Top stitch through both pieces, placing your stitches 7/8 ” inside of the 20″ marked circle completely around.
  4. Cut through both fabrics along the 20″ circle marking.
  5. To bind: place the binding around the edge, covering the laminate and lining.  Top stitch around the entire cap sewing through both the top and the bottom of the binding at once.  When the end of the bias meets the start, leave a 1/2″ opening.
  6. Thread elastic in the casing that is created between the stitches and pin. Try it on and see if it needs tightening and adjust accordingly. Stitch both ends of the elastic together.
  7. Finish sewing the binding closed, tucking under raw edges.
Voila! You have an adorable new shower cap!

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