Old Favorites | Spaced Out Quilt

Spaced Out Quilt

We challenged our designer to come up with a fast project using some of our best selling prints, which we’ve recently reprinted. Mission Accomplished!

Quilt designer Melanie Shortman Tuazon called this modern baby quilt “Spaced Out” because of the gaps between blocks and the dreaminess of the fabric. It reminds her of a relaxing day at the beach, watching the sandpipers and the clouds, letting her mind wander: Spacing Out!

Spaced Out Quilt 

This fat quarter friendly quilt pattern is great for showing off the fabric you love, because the shapes are big and beautiful. The negative space gives plenty of opportunity for creative quilting and let the eye have some room to soak up the colors and prints. Choose a dark background to make the elongated hexagons pop, or keep it light and sweet for a lovely baby quilt. The big blocks come together quickly. The finished size is 42″ x 50″.

Spaced Out Quilt Closeup

Click through for the printable PDF or visit our Downloads Page for this and many other free projects.

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