Now in Stores | Terrestrial by Sarah Watson

With Sarah’s ever growing love of plants and nature, Terrestrial focuses her thoughts on the smallest details of plants to a large living wall. She loves to see a rigid concrete surface taken over by climbing, creeping, sprouting organisms. Closing in on a mossy tree, imagining the lichen as an embellishment of sequins and stitches on a rough trunk. Terrestrial is inspired by lines and marks, organic and manmade.

Prismatic Quilt (variation) pattern by Cloud9 Fabrics

Poolside Tote pattern by Noodlehead

Springtime Top & Bohemian’s Daughter patterns from Little One Yard Wonders

Time Warp Tote (variation) & Market Bag patterns by Cloud9 Fabrics & Noodlehead

Beach Cover Up pattern by In the Folds from Peppermint Magazine

Diagonal Zip Pouch (variation) by Cloud9 Fabrics

2 thoughts on “Now in Stores | Terrestrial by Sarah Watson

  1. Am trying to locate fabric featured in the book “Patchwork Essentials: The Half Square Triangles” by Jeni Baker.
    Your fabric, an owl print, was used as the back of the “Vast Quilt.” The book was published in 2015. The name of your fabric pattern was not given, which makes finding this fabric harder. Is there any of this fabric still around, or still being made? I would like to find this to use in making a quilt for my granddaughter.

    Thank you,

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