Our new website!

Our new website!

Months and months in the works, but now happily live!

We’re really proud of this new site which has a host of great new features:

  • Fabric search system allows people to see what’s coming, what’s shipping, what’s likely in-stores and what we’ve done in the past.
  • It also allows search by designer, substrates and division.
  • Designer page with easy links to their collections and personal sites
  • Make It Sew projects, suitable for the beginner to intermediate sewist, are featured for nearly every collection and can be used for kitting and/or classes
  • Zoom to a 500 dpi image without leaving the page (images can be used for online retailers for their own sites)
  • Pinterest buttons make it easy to record your favorite Cloud9 prints.
  • Amazing new store locator which allows search by collection as well as location and retailer type
  • Streamlined FAQ’s
  • Refined contact page with a new directory
  • Wholesale links that are easier to navigate
  • A new scrapbook for our press features
  • Our blog {still in development} is now housed within the site – with a clearer category system to make it easier to spark imaginations and find news bits

And finally, in a few short weeks our online wholesale shop will see a facelift which will better reflect our new branding and stylistic themes.

Please stop by and visit!

3 thoughts on “Our new website!

  1. Loving the new features and speed of the redesign, though I do think your organic credentials should be right there for all to see on your home page since that is one of the key factors that makes you stand out in a very busy textile market.

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