Meet Our Newest Designer | Elizabeth Olwen

Today we introduce another fresh face to our growing family of designers. Elizabeth’s pretty and feminine style is simply eye-catching. Her work, mainly florals, are beautifully refined and elegant in their simplicity and charm. We’re sure her future range, due out early next year, will be as welcome as spring itself.


As a child, Elizabeth was mesmerized by the orange floral drapes in her mother’s kitchen. Surrounded by bold, unapologetic prints, patterns were something that she could lose herself in; a window to faraway places. Through the years, the love of patterns remained and crept its way into her DNA. She would see beautiful wallpapers and her heart would ache a little and it eventually pushed her to wholeheartedly pursue her art.

Elizabeth’s stunning Surtex booth this past May.

Elizabeth went to art school, where she fell in love with graphic design. She worked for years at design agencies where the goal was to create for corporate clients before realizing that something was missing, at which point she quit her job, went to Berlin for three months and rediscovered the desire to create. Elizabeth came home from Berlin with a hefty portfolio of patterns, a creative spark and sense of fulfillment that she hadn’t felt in years. And there was no turning back. A few years later, her patterns are starting to find themselves onto products across the globe, with clients like Target, Madison Park Greetings, teNeues, Dioton,

Not just any ordinary doodles

Elizabeth lives and works in her home in Toronto but loves to escape to the forest when she can. Inspired by pastoral beauty, nature in its most playful forms, and folk art, her work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes. She also loves to bake and you can often find her in her tiny kitchen, whipping up pies and cakes and cookies. She never feels guilty about splurging on a bouquet of flowers for her studio. She loves sifting through thrift shops and collecting old wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics. And she is hopelessly devoted to travel, always daydreaming about her next trip.



 You can see some of her work at or follow her on Twitter (@elizabetholwen).

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  1. I just found out about Cloud9 Fabrics this week, and I found out about Elizabeth a few months ago-this is so exciting!! Congrats Elizabeth! Love your work 🙂

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