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jo_profileOur newest designer will be bringing us our first Christmas-themed collection later this year. Her sweet illustrations are soft and vibrant, cheery and comforting. Perfect for the season! But she has lots of other things to offer, too. Learn more about Jo Clark.

Jo graduated from the Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children’s book illustration. Since graduating “Jo Clark Design”, a greetings card business, was launched in her home studio. The business has developed over the years and now she supplies many shops and galleries around the UK with her cards and gift products.

MagpieCatspromoJo’s ever-growing range of designs featuring cute animals, vegetables (yes, vegetables) full of personality and charm, really are he perfect way to brighten someone’s day. Jo has illustrated for books and giftware ranges, as well as exclusive designs for retailers.

NothsPrintTemplateSeedspheres JCDpoppiesnewshot

Her fresh, bright designs are created using marker pen, graphite and pencil, which gives the hand drawn quality to her work.. It’s the instant flat mark making that she enjoys about the medium, along with the bleed of the ink on the white paper. The illustrations are scanned and backgrounds cleaned, but digital processing is minimum to retain the natural organic pencil line and the delicate edges.

JCDbudgies2shot JCDbeescsardshot

No prizes for guessing that Jo is passionate about animals and nature, they are her main source of inspiration. Along with taking walks in the country, urban exploring or browsing the antique shops looking for treasures, it all goes into the creative process, some how.

JCDforget-me-notcard JCDcherryblossom

JCDCollie JCDCatInSombreroHat

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