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unicorn_quilt_blogWe have had a great response to our Holding Horses quilt for Aneela Hoey’s Stay Gold collection and there was more than one request/suggestion to make it a unicorn. And here it is! We modified the silhouette a little and we think this version, appliquéd expertly by Linda Spiridon and quilted magically by Sue Papalia sparkles in We Are All Stars.

This is only a template. You can scale it to any size you like but this is printed at 100% the size you see in the photo.


Use whatever appliqué methods you like best on whatever size panel you care for. You can also make an entire quilt by piecing blocks together. For a more whimsical wall hanging, try some fancy trims. Sky’s the limit! Enjoy.

Download the 4 page template here.

5 thoughts on “Make It Sew | Unicorn and Stars Wall Hanging

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  2. Hello. I cannot seem to get the unicorn 4 page template to download. Is there any way you can e mail it to me? I’d love to make this for my granddaughter, for her birthday. She absolutely loves unicorns. Please help. Thank you so much.

      • Hi Cloud Team.
        I can’t seem to download the pattern/pdf.
        Can you please email me the pdf.
        My hands are very arthritic and painful. This little wallhanging will more than likely be my last project. I want to try to make it for my great grand daughter.
        I would appreciate the pattern so much.
        Thank you so very much.
        I’m not sure what website you want me to list.

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