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cloud9loungerscallout4Did you know that the co-owners of Cloud9 Fabrics have a combined 25 year background in the garment industry making loungewear? Yup. It’s in almost in our blood! And so, we’ve been tossing around this idea for a long while now:  Let’s create an easy to make, great fitting lounge pant pattern and share it with the world! We believe nearly every print or base cloth we produce would make a most excellent pair of loungewear. Our soft fabrics are made of organic cotton and our designers are so very talented, it’s a natural fit!

To add to the excitement and to get you inspired to sew, we’re going to have a little kick off fun with a Lisa Congdon’s Kindred promotion and sweepstakes. Stay tuned for more info!

We are so excited about this project. Our Cloud9 Loungers are a lot like scrubs – simple waist, straight legged,  and easy fitting. We’ve sized these for women S-XL. Ours is a 2 piece pattern. There’s no pockets, but there’s a lot of comfort! These go together in a flash. Once you’ve downloaded our free Cloud9 Loungers pattern, printed, taped and traced your size, it’s about an hour’s project from start to finish for most able sewists. *We do recommend making a muslin first – and don’t forget to wash, dry and press your fabric before cutting, too.


  • Use a drawstring or elastic
  • Easy to adjust inseam by hemming up or adding an inch or two to the pattern
  • Low rise for a more feminine cut that slings around your high hip
  • While meant to be loose and roomy, we find it flatters different types of figures
  • We’ve made them in just about all our lounge-suitable substrates and they’ve worked beautifully every time
  • And best is, it’s free!

cloud9loungerscallout2So, give our pattern a try! Tell us what you think.

cloud9loungerscallout3Thanks to Jennifer Wiese of Workroom Social for helping with the drafting and scaling.

Download the Cloud9 Loungers here!

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