In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Toaster Cover

We continue our In the Kitchen with Tsuru series.

Today’s inspirational project is a toaster cover. Lovely in … And Old Lace in Vermillion and linen. This design element was influenced from the Zig Zag Tote designed by Lisa Billings from Zakka Style. The cover itself was a rather spontaneous creation of Jaclyn’s, but you can find tutorials like this or this that would work perfectly well – just create zig zag panels to the correct dimensions for your project using this patchwork idea.

Don’t forget to line it in something pretty!

One thought on “In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Toaster Cover

  1. I got so caught up in some of the other designs in Zakka Style that I’ve never even seen this toaster cover ~ where have I been? This cover is really lovely!

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