In the Forest | Book Nook

When conceiving of a project series for this whimsical collection, In the Forest, it was easy to lean towards children. The primary palette and fantastical imagery captures both eyes and imagination.
We are first met by curtains of soaring birds over a winding river and colorful forest, punctuated by bands dark green foliage.

Have a seat!
In the Forest | Book Nook
Busy at work creating Tape Art.
In the Forest | Book Nook
Sweet little cushion in Flowers and Midnight Sky.
In the Forest | Book Nook
To make this cushion, we 
  • traced the seat
  • cut 2 fabrics for top and bottom
  • sandwiched 2 layers of thin cotton batting between
  • added a piped trim
  • made 1/2 ties about 12″ long and sewed them in at the outside edges of the legs.

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