Fall 2014 Lineup

fall2014Quilt Market is upon us and here’s our lineup for the upcoming Fall 2014 season!

  • Aug • Fanfare Flannel by Rae Hoekstra with coordinating solids
  • Aug • House & Garden will start shipping to quilt shops
  • Sep • Wildwood by Elizabeth Olwen
  • Sep • Cirrus Solids – crossweave yarn-dyed broadcloth
  • Oct • Cosmic Convoy by Michéle Brummer Everett
  • Nov • Revelry by Lisa Congdon in voile with touches of metallics!
  • Nov • Time Warp by Jessica Jones in barkcloth… yes, barkcloth!
  • Dec • Biology by Sarah Watson

3 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Lineup

  1. Exciting times!! Is it OK to say the Cirrus broadcloth has me most excited of all? Can’t wait to see the new voiles, too, though – and I’d be fascinated to hear more about the metallic print substance you’ve found that’s suitable for GOTS, don’t think I’ve seen any other organic metallic fabrics yet.

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