Dem Bones | No Bones About It Quilt

No Bones About It Quilt

This quilt is such a huge hit with the pre-teen and teen boys in our lives. Dem Bones definitely transcends the Halloween season and will work successfully for projects throughout the year for those who enjoy a little ghastliness. The small scale, adds to the subtlety – particularly in the lavish Tombstone Vine print where little skulls dance amongst the leaves like florets.

Available on our DOWNLOADS page.


This quilt is easy to piece together and is great for beginners. Our quilter, Linda Spiridon spooked it up with cobwebbed patterned quilting and outlining details in the skull blocks that give the a little more dimension. We’ve paired it with some Michael Miller’s Neons (in yellow solid and gray/yellow dots). This combo isn’t that easy to find in shops, but we hear that Gather Here has the lot in stock for those who may want to kit it up.

Available on our DOWNLOADS page.


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