Contoured Burp Cloths Revisited

We hope you enjoyed GeoCentric week! You may have notice we didn’t post on Friday and that’s because it’s taking some work to coordinate our little models. We’ll be sure to show you the last great project asap. In the meantime we have new fabrics to highlight! Nursery Flannel starts shipping tomorrow and we’ll be posting some cuddly goodies this week.

Nursery Flannel Ele-fete in Shell and Sky, Crumbs in Grass and Earth

Our contoured burp cloth tutorial is probably the most popular link on this blog. We thought we’d share the Flannel Edition to inspire further!

This flannel is so super soft and comfy. It’s also nicely absorbent. So, these burp cloths won’t just look great, they’ll perform great, too!

You can make 4 of these with 4 fat quarters. Just mix n’ match them up.

One thought on “Contoured Burp Cloths Revisited

  1. Baby shower week from this Sunday for first Grand-daughter. Been looking for a pattern like this for burp cloths in pattern books-anxious to get started making them! They are very pretty and unique!

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