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We’re excited to see ourselves on the Premium Fabrics page of Jo-Ann Fabrics this morning featuring House & Garden, a collection of 12 prints designed exclusively for Jo-Ann Fabrics. As always, it is 100% certified organic cotton, marking this as the first premium organic cotton range for the retailer.

The fabrics should be in stores, or just about hitting stores soon!
Pillow and quilt designed and created by Linda Spiridon. Free projects will be available online.

24 thoughts on “Introducing | Cloud9 Fabrics for Jo-ann Fabrics | House & Garden

  1. beautiful!!! how exciting. Now I’ll need to make the trip to the nearest Jo-Anns, only 45 minutes away, it’ll be worth it though!

  2. I’m surprised to see your products going into Jo-ann’s. In my mind, another reason I support organic fabric companies is that their products were only available in local quilt stores or from small companies in general.

    • HI Kristal, we are thrilled that Jo-Ann’s also sees the importance of organic cottons. Sustainability is becoming increasingly prevalent in every industry, and we are happy to see this is true for quilting cottons as well. We’re honored to be recognized as trailblazers in the movement.

  3. As a quilt shop owner,this is so disappointing. Why would someone buy Cloud9 from me, when they can now go to JoAnns and buy it cheaper? Sorry, but I think you just lost a customer. I can’t compete with JoAnns. :-(.

    • If you currently have a loyal customer base, Joanne’s isn’t going to be hurting you by carrying one new line. I’m congratulating these guys on a nice growth move and wish them continued success.

  4. what a shame. it is lovely. do you know where I can obtain some yardage? I’ve looked everywhere on line. Thank you for your time 🙂

  5. Thanks for the great website. I just bought some fabric today!

    Can you point to where I can find a sewing pattern for that pillow? I have looked over your website and have not found it!

    Thanks again

  6. That’s amazing and stunning collection of Fabrics. Have a look at our website where you can direct contact with wholesalers and manufacturers.

  7. Happy to hear this news. As someone who seems to be negatively affected by bleach and other toxic dyes, etc. to the point that many substances seem to be contributing to a severe illness, Organics is critical for many of us as increased exposure to plastics and other chemical laden substances is creating illness that is very often quite difficult to detect origin of. Thanks!

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