Christmas Tree Skirt

Nature Walk tree skirt in action

This is a variation on a great tutorial on Sew 4 Home– only we wanted to be able to see all 8 patterns in this collection. Click here for the .pdf pattern piece. There is a full size for people who can print out large format 13×19 pages, or a version for letter-sized 8.5 x 11 which will require piecing and taping. Once you’ve sewn together the pieces (inner panel to outer panel) and have your slices of the pie ready to sew together, go back to this tutorial to finish through.

Nature Walk tree skirt

Couple of things to note: Our skirt measures 48″ wide. We used 3 packages of store-bought bias tape (3yds ea). Our skirt is backed with flannel which gives it some stability and density. There is also a layer of thin batting between the layers. It is stitched as noted on the tutorial, plus we stitched in the ditch of the horizontal seams.

A few other directions:
1. Here’s an image of what the letter-sized format pattern pieces should look like when pieced together- the outer print panel is shown above, the inner print panel below).
2. To create a full panel, sew the outer panel to inner panel (right sides together) matching notches. Press seam flat. Then continue to the tutorial.

Now, to decorate that tree! Hope your holidays has its share of crafty goodness!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Skirt

  1. Oooh! Thanks for posting. I was planning on making the Citrus Holiday tree skirt tomorrow, so I’m glad to see how it worked out for you. I made the Citrus Holiday elf stockings yesterday and love them. I’m with you though – buying bias tape for sure! Merry Christmas!!

  2. thanks a bunch for the added tips, always good to have! and many thanks for giving me the “push” I needed to get one made for our tree! happy holidays!

  3. Love the way you integrated all the fabric. Really enjoyed this project. One thing to keep in mind — this tree skirt finishes pretty small. So small that i’m adding a large ruffle so that it will do more than just cover my tree stand. It’d be great idea to enlarge the pattern by 25-30%.

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