Fresh Start | New Releases for 2016

It’s a great time to sew for spring – here’s two different but equally inspiring collections to get your creative juices flowing.


Park Life by Elizabeth Olwen
Love Bird Swans project in Sew Magazine


Spring Walk by Little Cube
Ambling Quilt by Michelle Engel Bencsko and made by Linda Spiridon

Cirrus Solids | Color Riot

colorriot_1024We’ve recently added 10 new colors to our popular Cirrus Solids assortment – that’s 31 modern shades to rock your sewing world!

Cirrus Solids are a created by cross weaving two similar tones to create a unique combined color with subtle striations and texture. They add a lovely warmth and sophistication to your projects. Cirrus Solids are also ideal for garments – they are silky soft and drape beautifully.

Look for more Cloud9 essentials to be heading this way in 2016.

digitalheartsquilt_smcloud zipsparcelquilta_smMonster-Sized Hexy Quilt in Cirrus Solids