At the Library | Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! | Drawing Stuff

Future illustrators? Artists in the making? They could definitely use a few of these items.

Drawing Drawing
Crayon Roll
Fancy Crayon Roll – nice use of the border print in the project panel.
Crayon Roll
Colors are inspiration.
Crayon Roll
Gianna chooses her colors wisely.
Pencil Case
Pencil case that holds plenty. Drawing by Rosie.
Pencil Case
Tools of the trade.
Pencil Case
A work in progress.

At the Library | Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! | Girl Stuff

More items featuring the Pigeon in this fun new range featuring Mo Willems’ beloved character.

Layered Skirt
At the library. What better place?
Lunch Bag
Ready for the day!
Layered Skirt
Pretty tiered skirt by Karen LePage (sorry, theres no pattern for this!) A simple elastic waist and 3 equally tiered layers.
Lunch Bag
A good sized lunch bag or just something to carry gear in.

At the Library | Mo Willems’ Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! | Boy Stuff

While we can’t really speak for Pigeon, we still hear his voice in our heads:

“Pigeon fabric?
Hey! That’s ME!
Can I have some?
I could make a tent!
Or a bed for my walrus!
Why not?!
I bet your mom would let me.”

Well, we happen to know that MANY MANY moms (and grand moms, and librarians, and teachers, and book shops owners, and aunties and friends of friends) with kids who love Pigeon will be very busy with this collection. We’ve had such a fan response! Never have we received daily inquiries as to when this range was finally going to hit shops. Pleased to say, the answer is NOW!
Here’s some fun ideas that we came up with to inspire.
Boys Shirt
Boys shirt sewn up by Karen LePage. This particular pattern is from a Japanese pattern book, but there’s lots of cute styles on the market if you search for it.
Boys Shirt
Lookin’ sharp!
That is one stylin’ backpack, Dude! Pattern by Made by Rae.
Boys Shirt
This is what happy looks like.

Tsuru + Geranium

Have you caught the amazing series on Made by Rae this past week? Stop by her blog to see the fruits of her collaboration with Rashida Coleman-Hale and Karen LePage. Here’s a sneak peek- but the rest of the images are totally worth the click! Inspired? You can find the Geranium Dress pattern here.

Indigo Cranes in the Geranium Dress and Indigo Old Lace on Elliot Part III
Motif Madness in variations of the Geranium Dress Part II
Indigo Feathers and great use of the border print Blossom Festival, both variations of the Geranium. Part IV
Cerulean Cranes with a bold border in Vermillion Old Lace Part I

In the Forest | Book Nook – Cozy Corner

A pile of pillows is all that’s required. Milk and cookies is just icing on the cake!

In the Forest | Book Nook

This jumbo square (the green variety of foam) which measures 24″ x 24″ x 6″ was a find at Joann’s and with the discount coupon was a great bargain. It’s light enough for a little guy to tug around – especially with the help of a handle on the side. Double sided in Moon & Sun with Midnight Sky around the edges and Branches as handles and piping, it just invites the kiddies to dive on it.

In the Forest | Book Nook

Catherine, who sewed all these wonderful items, said it was a struggle to get the cushion into the case, which is hand sewn on  (not removable)- but perhaps a nice long hidden zip the full width of a side would have made it much simpler- and certainly easier to clean should the need arise.

In the Forest | Book Nook

We topped it with a couple of pillows in Branches and Woolen Blanket. The ruffles add a touch of whimsy… even this little action hero dude can’t deny they’re fun.

In the Forest | Book Nook

In the Forest | Book Nook :: Book Sling

Of course, one needs a place to store one’s books. This book sling is a pretty clever idea and great if you want to show off some fun fabrics – like this in bright, sunny Leaves.

To make it it’s quite simple. There’s a number of great tutorials on the web. We used a fancier finial rod because we had them lying around.
In the Forest | Book Nook
In the Forest | Book Nook
In the Forest | Book Nook

In the Forest | Book Nook

When conceiving of a project series for this whimsical collection, In the Forest, it was easy to lean towards children. The primary palette and fantastical imagery captures both eyes and imagination.
We are first met by curtains of soaring birds over a winding river and colorful forest, punctuated by bands dark green foliage.

Have a seat!
In the Forest | Book Nook
Busy at work creating Tape Art.
In the Forest | Book Nook
Sweet little cushion in Flowers and Midnight Sky.
In the Forest | Book Nook
To make this cushion, we 
  • traced the seat
  • cut 2 fabrics for top and bottom
  • sandwiched 2 layers of thin cotton batting between
  • added a piped trim
  • made 1/2 ties about 12″ long and sewed them in at the outside edges of the legs.