Dem Bones 4 Dem Boys

Karen LePage of One Girl Circus, garment stitcher extraordinaire, appears to have outdone herself (yet again!). Having a skater son herself, it was easy for her to imagine such inspired projects in which to use Dem Bones. {just had to include her fab sketches, too}

Dem Bones 4 Dem Boys

It doesn’t look like she forgot anything: Jams with bright yellow toggles and well-positioned zips; wrist cuffs made with cool hardware clasps; upcycled hoodies; vivid skull and crossbone appliquéd tee; color/patttern blocked loose fitting shirt; and a very cool backpack for stowing gear. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

Dem Bones 4 Dem Boys 

And thanks to our young friends, S & J for modeling the goods for us!!

Dem Bones 4 Dem Boys

Sketches by Karen LePage

Dem Bones | No Bones About It Quilt

No Bones About It Quilt

This quilt is such a huge hit with the pre-teen and teen boys in our lives. Dem Bones definitely transcends the Halloween season and will work successfully for projects throughout the year for those who enjoy a little ghastliness. The small scale, adds to the subtlety – particularly in the lavish Tombstone Vine print where little skulls dance amongst the leaves like florets.

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This quilt is easy to piece together and is great for beginners. Our quilter, Linda Spiridon spooked it up with cobwebbed patterned quilting and outlining details in the skull blocks that give the a little more dimension. We’ve paired it with some Michael Miller’s Neons (in yellow solid and gray/yellow dots). This combo isn’t that easy to find in shops, but we hear that Gather Here has the lot in stock for those who may want to kit it up.

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Now Shipping | Dem Bones by Sarah Watson

Dem Bones by Sarah Watson
Dem Bones is a surprisingly versatile collection. Not only is is a natural for Halloween-y projects, but it also makes a rather sophisticated option for adults who like a little alternative to the mainstream, and the young boys seem to love it for it’s Street Cred. The small scale, almost traditional in feel, patterns in antique-y grays and ivories, make it great for garments as well as accessories and of course, quilts!

We’ll be showing off some project ideas and a fab quilt project in the upcoming days.

Meet the Designer | Sarah Watson

Yet another amazing artist to join us! {It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it??} And here’s a sneak peek at her first collection with us (and our first Halloween-y collection to boot!) which will be available in late July.

More about Sarah:

Sarah was raised by two enthusiastic, open-minded parents who urged her to be inquisitive and creative at a young age. When it came time to go to college, her parents wholeheartedly supported her choice to go to art school (the Savannah College of Art and Design), and major in Fibers and Textile Design.

There, she fell in love with repeat pattern design, and the idea that her drawings could go on forever, on rolls of fabric. After graduation she went to work for a large children’s clothing brand where she gained incredible experience, but lost the creative encouragement that she had known earlier in life. After three years of corporate work, Sarah turned to freelance work. She took about 6 months off to settle down and develop her new portfolio of work. This lead to many offshoot endeavors, such as wedding calligraphy, children’s book illustration and packaging design.

Children’s book illustration: Sweet Coco

As a child, one of Sarah’s favorite things to do was to go outside, pick a flower or weed, and bring it inside to draw. She still loves to draw flora from life, it is one of her favorite subjects. She loves weathered wood, small plants in old bottles and traditional textiles.

Hand lettering

In her spare time, she and her husband camp and hike throughout Northeast Brazil, finding incredibly inspiring scenery and vegetation along the way. Sarah always has a small craft project going, and at the moment is really loving hand quilting and stitching.

Indian Summer fabric collection (from Art Gallery Fabrics)

She and her husband’s travels can be found on their personal blog, On the Move, and personal design inspirations and studio updates happen on her design blog, Sarah Watson Illustration. Sarah’s calligraphy has been featured on Brooklyn Bride, and Sweet Coco can be found on and Sarah has two lines of fabric on the market right now, Luxe in Bloom, and Indian Summer.

Pre-Surtex Print Collections