In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Bordered Dishtowels + Tutorial

As promised, and unfortunately the last in our In the Kitchen with Tsuru series, we have Patchwork Bordered Dishtowels. This is a great project for using scraps of fabric. The use of 100% linen here is an exceptionally nice option because of its absorbent and lint-free qualities. 
Click for Patchwork Bordered Dishtowels tutorial.

In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Placemats & Tipped Napkins + Tutorial

These two projects go hand in hand with one another. A spin-off of the Pot Holders we featured earlier this week, but made in an impressive 15″ diameter size! Same pattern, only bigger. Along with the mats we have a very simple linen Tipped Napkin with coordinating Tsuru patterns to match each placemat.
Click for the Tipped Napkin* tutorial.

*Note: Image shown is slightly different from project directions.

In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Toaster Cover

We continue our In the Kitchen with Tsuru series.

Today’s inspirational project is a toaster cover. Lovely in … And Old Lace in Vermillion and linen. This design element was influenced from the Zig Zag Tote designed by Lisa Billings from Zakka Style. The cover itself was a rather spontaneous creation of Jaclyn’s, but you can find tutorials like this or this that would work perfectly well – just create zig zag panels to the correct dimensions for your project using this patchwork idea.

Don’t forget to line it in something pretty!

In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Hanging Tray Holder + Tutorial

Here’s something nifty. This project was inspired by an item hanging in Michelle’s mom’s house. We’ve been meaning to make one for this blog, and Tsuru really lent itself to the idea. Click for the directions to make the Hanging Tray Tutorial.

This piece can also be used to hold cook books and other rather flat items. We hope you enjoy this project and if you make one of your own, we’d love to see!

Note: Image shown is slightly different from project directions.

In the Kitchen with Tsuru | Runner

We are kicking off a new blog series highlighting Tsuru by Rashida Coleman-Hale. We borrowed (heavily!) from Rashida’s own books I Love Patchwork and Zakka StyleIn the Kitchen with Tsuru will feature a variety of kitchen-y ideas and later on this week, we’ll have some new tutorials to share with you.

Today we have a pretty runner in Tsuru and linen adapted from the Lap Quilt project in Rashida’s I Love Patchwork. The dappled arrangement of plus signs in various tones makes an eye-catching accent on a buffet, cabinet and would feel equally at home on the kitchen table (or even a wall!)