Tutorial | Contoured Burp Cloths

We’ve been planning some baby gifts lately and we must say, My Happy Nursery couldn’t’ve come at a better time! After doing a dry run on this simple and stylishly contoured burp cloth, we thought to share the project with you. These 4 went together in under an hour, so it’s a fast, practical but fun, last minute project, too.

You can get 2 burp cloth faces out of a fat quarter (18″h x 22″w), which makes it economical if you made two of the same print per set- or even two sets of assorted patterns. Each is backed in our organic Cloud white flannel (1/2″ yard needed for 4). The flannel not only makes for a more absorbent mopping-up-side (let’s be honest here, these things are intended to be USED!), but also keeps them from sliding off your shoulder. They could be entirely made of flannel, too.

The pattern piece can be downloaded here. Print at 100% scale.

You will need to cut out the spacer piece and tape it to the bottom (straight) edge of the pattern. See details in images below- click on image to enlarge.