Destination: MIXTECA | Carry-Ons

Don’t forget you’ll need something to carry all your gear in. Here we have The London Holiday Duffle Bag and a smashing tote. Make your luggage in Mixteca’s TEXTILA and you’ll never lose track of it at the airport.
Bari J’s London Duffle Bag

There are so many wonderful tote patterns out there, but we’re hoping to get you a tutorial for this one in the next day or two because the outer pockets are quite a nice addition and it has a nice sturdy construction. Stay tuned!

Destination: MIXTECA | Tablet Case

Some of us would enjoy a vacation free from technology, but for those of us who can’t bare to be separated, having a fancy case is in order.

This iPad case was created by Fern Fiddlehead. A bargain at twice the price considering how quickly we received it, how beautifully it is made and how perfectly it fits. However, if you’re keen to make your own, here’s a couple of links from One Shabby Chick and Sew Mama Sew.

Destination: MIXTECA | Open Wide Zippered Pouches

We’re on the brink of spring, but for many summer days can’t come fast enough and travel to exotic locales is on the agenda. And even if they aren’t, one can dream, can’t they?

Our Destination: MIXTECA series will bring you travel-related sewing ideas and some tutorials of our own. Today we’ll start with the ubiquitous zippered pouch. We liked this tutorial from Noodlehead for her clever sizing and easy to follow directions. Perfect for just about every necessity.

Pack your neon nail polishes and get ready to fly!