Meet Our Newest Designer | Anna Graham

annaWhat a thrill it is to announce this collaboration! We love Anna – she’s been working with us from nearly day one, making her beautiful bags with our fabrics (which you’ll see below!) We can hardly wait to debut her collection, Rain Walk, at May’s Quilt Market.

Anna is a mom to two crazy and incredibly inspiring little girls. Her oldest daughter had the curliest blonde hair when she was a toddler and Anna’s nickname for her was ‘noodlehead’. It’s one of many nicknames, but it stuck, it’s fun and a little goofy – just like her and her family.

Like many, she grew up sewing with her mom. It wasn’t her favorite thing to do, but she loved being able to make something on her own. Having two daughters gave her the drive to start sewing more; and after discovering the blogging world, she never turned back.

Anna graduated in 2002 with a B.A. in Art. She thought she’d spend her working career doing graphic design, and did so for the first 10 years after college. Working in an office made her feel creatively stifled. After falling desperately in love with blogging and being able to do her own creative thing, she turned her passion into a career. She’s happy to be able to focus on what she loves: her family and creating.

She has her first book coming out in a few months, Handmade Style, published by Lucky Spool.

Anna is ecstatic about designing for Cloud9 Fabrics! Seeing her designs on fabric is a dream come true. She can’t wait to put her fabric to use with her patterns and sew up a storm!!!

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Handmade Style published by Lucky Spool


Super Tote and Cargo Duffle in Time Warp.


Roadtrip Case in Lotus Pond


241 Tote in Up Up & Away


Divided Boxes in Goodnight Moon

laying2 copy

Fanfare Flannel pajama pants


Poolside Tote in Arcadia

18 thoughts on “Meet Our Newest Designer | Anna Graham

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  2. Yayyyy Anna! Congratulations! Such awesome, wonderful news and you so deserve it! I can’t wait to see your fabrics and your book!:) So happy for you!!

  3. I’m a “Noodlehead” (like a Deadhead ,one who follows the Grateful Dead) I’ve followed Anna for ages and have loved everything she’s designed. Can’t wait to see her fabrics. Congratulations Anna.

  4. Wonderful news! Congratulations! I have been following noodle head for a while and also cloud 9 fabrics and together I know you will make beautiful music! Can hardly wait til May!

  5. I love all of Anna’s designs & patterns!! I can’t wait to see her new collection and the new lovlies she will create with them! Congrats Anna!!!!

  6. Great news Anna. Have purchased and made several of your patterns. Am looking forward to buying your new fabric line in May. Love your style. 🙂

  7. Congratulations Anna, i have been following your great blog and just know that creating your own prints was just around the corner for you! And here you are with Cloud 9 my fav fabrics! Cant wait to buy some here in Australia,

    Good Luck,

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