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  1. Hi
    I just bought the Wildwood fabric to make this quilt. It is so beautiful and will match my family room perfectly! Could you tell me what fabric you used for the white? Also, could I see what the back of the quilt looks like? I am not good at doing my own fabric selection and it is so helpful when I can get an idea of what looks good.
    Thank you so much for the pattern. This is my 1st project after the holidays!
    Susan Lambrix

    • Our quilter used Moda white for this – however we now make a Limestone Cirrus Solid and if we did this today, we’d use this! The back of this quilt is mostly with with the longest row of blocks going down the center of it. So it looks like the front, only that single center row of blocks. Hope that makes sense!

      • Could you tell me how big the colored blocks are on the back. I have 18 fat quarters……….is that enough for the blocks on the back too? What color is the Limsestone Cirrus Solid?
        Thank you
        Sue Lambrix

        • The blocks on the back are the same size as those on the front. The directions do not include yardage for these (the back design is not indicated here – this pattern is only for the front as backing is open to interpretation for many). See our Cirrus Solids page for colors. Good luck!

  2. Can you tell me what size the rectangle blocks should be. By my calculations they should be 12 x 6. But the best I have gotten so far is 11-3/4 ×6. I know I can adjust the white strips according but would like to figure out why I can’t get them 12 x 6

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