6 thoughts on “Make it Sew | Sparkle in the Rain Quilt

  1. To Mary Lenting…click download…when the pics of the quilt and fabrics come up click on the “make it sew” in the upper left hand corner of the pic of the quilt

    • Hi there! Click on “Free Download” at the bottom of the page. It will lead you to the collection page. The link to the pattern is the first image on the collection page.

  2. I give up. Tried printing four times. Each time the first and third pages print but the second one with all the info does not print the cutting or assembly directions. I love the pattern and wish I could print it out.

    • We’re sorry for your troubles! It’s curious because this is not happening for us. As a work around, can you screenshot the page and print it as a png/jpg just so you have the info you need?

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