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GeoCentric Canvas- shipping Summer '12

When Michelle first quit her day job in NYC to follow her pursuits of creating her own fabric designs she had a little Etsy shop/business called Cicada Studio. There she sold her digitally printed canvas- including a collection called Mod Quad- for a fairly hefty sum. Despite the price, the fabric sold- and sold well! It was one of the motivating factors in reaching out to her now-partner, Gina, in hopes that she could help source a manufacturer for her to mass-produce it and bring it in at a more reasonable cost.

As the story goes, Michelle and Gina quickly developed other ideas (as they are prone to do when they get their heads together) and conceived of Cloud9 Fabrics. Of course, this avenue took them away from home dec weights, but now as they enter their 4th year, they are finally going back to the root of what drove the business into existence.

7oz canvas, 44/45" w. Click here to view a copy of the organic certification for this collection.

ZigZag | Coral

ZigZag | Grass

Circles | Metal


Trident | Ocean

Trident | Daffodil