Cirrus Solids BOM Challenge Winner | May 2015



Spring Quilt Market left us in the dust as far as the BOM challenge was concerned, but the good news is that now we’ve got back to back winners for you! This week, we’ve got last month’s beautiful block designed by Lynn Kline. Her fun use of coordinating and contrasting colors in squares and strips really caught our eye; use the suggested warm and cool colorways, or be inspired to choose your own! Download the instructions for the Stuck in the Middle Block here, and stay tuned next week for June’s block.




Each month we’ll be highlighting a new block winner. Might the next one be you? What’s the Cirrus Solids BOM Challenge and what can you win? Read up on it here.

3 thoughts on “Cirrus Solids BOM Challenge Winner | May 2015

  1. Thanks for the new block. The 2nd page of the PDF instructions say “Barn Door Block by Jerriann Massey”. I just want to make sure the instructions are correct for Stuck in the Middle.

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